How did we get here?

Here's our history

I’ve often wondered about the influences that created the town that I live in. I look at the people around me, and the decisions that are made, and often don’t entirely understand why things happen.

Or, more succinctly, I spend a lot of time saying “They did what??”

Earlier this month I was visiting the City of North Vancouver Library’s web site, and found this genuinely amazing document.

The paper was written way back in 1943 as part of Woodward-Reynolds’ Masters in History at UBC. The point that jumped out at me though was some 1931 census data about the North Shore.


Yes, a world divided between Canadian born, British born, and “Foreign.” And where “English”, “Irish”, and “Scotch” are separate races, and where Japanese and Chinese are kind of the same thing.

Somehow this speaks volumes.

And there’s this passage, arguing in favour of building a road to Lynn Valley.


Although the specific concerns may have changed, I can’t help feeling that the tone of the arguments remains much the same. 75 years later people are still arguing about how to create “a community of happy homes and a prosperous district.”