Back from the dead was established way back in 2005, and operated under various moderators until some time in 2018. Both the content and the contributors varied over the years, but it was valuable as a non-partisan and publicly accessible place to read opinion about what’s happening in our town (Or towns of course, as there are both a City and a District.)

Since that time discussion has moved to various web sites, and especially to Facebook groups, some open, but many closed. That leaves the ever smaller North Shore News as the one place to follow our local municipal machinations. As good as they are they have limited resources.

Throughout this time I’ve found myself writing about our local politics on a regular basis, sometimes for money, sometimes not. The sad truth is that there just aren’t that many markets for stories about North Vancouver, and especially about our local politics. As much as I love Twitter, that doesn’t really encourage thoughtful exploration of ideas.

So, coming full circle, we’ve picked up the now-abandoned domain name and are pointing it to this Substack newsletter. The ideas reported here are my own. I hope that soon we’ll include those of other writers. Although we don’t yet have a subscription income to let us pay writers, the door is open for the right people - especially new people - to contribute stories and articles.

Join in, and enjoy!

Barry Rueger